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My name is Blane Hartleb and I help Business owners and their teams transform their store into a higher profit, higher margin smooth running machine. I can show you step by step how to dominate competitors, crush the internet, and buy better so everyone at your store makes more money. I will help smooth out your entire operation.

I am the manager and partner you have always wanted...

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About Me

I grew up as a child in the state of Maine. From a young age my father instilled the entrepreneurial spirit in me. I was always on my paper route, mowing lawns, even collecting lost golf balls to sell back to the golf course for 25 cents each as a young boy. My family moved to Portland Oregon in 1976, where I continued with my paper route and odd jobs. When I was 15 years old I had the opportunity to buy some used arcade games from a closing business. Remember Pac Man and Asteroids? I started with 5 arcade machines. I found locations for them at the local college and bars. I would collect the quarters each week and was able to build that business up to 150 machines before selling the entire route at age 17. I was motivated and ready to take on my next venture.

I then started a mail order company focusing on software and components for the Commodore 64. The entire basement of my parent’s house was filled with phone lines, computer terminals and more. My employees and I were taking orders and shipping like crazy. I sold that company and went to work for several large corporations and realized that the corporate life was not for me. In 1987, I co-founded Outrageous Audio. What started out as a speaker box company (making speaker boxes by hand in our garage) quickly grew into one of Portland’s most iconic car stereo stores. After 34+ years we are consistently the top Car Audio store in the world as rated by Kicker, Kenwood, Audio Control, Focal, and Compustar.

My experience has given me a unique understanding of the dynamics involved with building a highly profitable, low stress car stereo store. Most importantly, I have discovered what keeps employees, and how to get customers coming back to my store month after month, year after year. I am ready to share all of my knowledge and secrets with you that will elevate your store to its greatest potential.

"Money does not buy you happiness, but it gives you choices others don't have."

Dr. Jack Hartleb (My Father)
All of my years and work have led to this, the creation of the CAR STEREO MANAGER website. This will be the go to site that will transform every aspect of your store. From a Kit finder program that makes me an additional $200 to $400 per day, to learning videos that show you how to improve every aspect of your store. Why am I doing this? Because I have something to give . A gift. I can help you transform what you already have into a MEGA profit center.
  • I have made all of the mistakes.
  • I will share my knowledge and easy to use program with you.
  • I will not hold anything back.
  • If I am able to help just one store, then this has all been worth it.
  • I will help you redesign your business so it will RUN ITSELF.
  • Aren’t you sick of always chasing employees and putting out fires?

Let Me Help You Redesign Your Store...
So You Can Redesign Your Life...
and Focus on What Matters Most to You!

I will alleviate your stress. I will take the guess work out of every aspect of your store. I will show you breakthrough strategies that are proven, that I use every day. I want to show you the tricks and secrets I use so that will allow you to be FREE from the day to day grind. The manufacturers and reps say over and over...

“Blane, I wish other store owners would copy what you do.”
Well...now you can!

You have committed to your store. You have worked hard. What you have created matters. It matters for you and the families that you support by employment. It matters to your customers too. Every car you pull around to your bay changes somebodies life. The impact that you have on your business and community is huge. Are you ready to take what you have created to the next level and higher? It is all right here. It is so easy.

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“I am the manager and partner you have always wanted.”